Virtues Project™ International facilitator - Ros Macdonald MSW, RSW

Facilitator: Ros Macdonald MSW, RSW

Ros Macdonald is a certified Virtues Project™ facilitator/ speaker, motivational speaker and clinical social worker/ therapist. She has a Master of Social Work Degree with over 15 years of professional experience.

She brings enthusiasm, creativity and integrity to her professional life. She offers counselling to individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as training and facilitation of seminars. Her seminars are customized to diverse audience groups, including, employees/ managers, teachers, youth, parents and therapists. She has facilitated trainings for employees such as a Respectful Workplace. and offered critical incident debriefings to groups of staff/ management after a death or suicide in the workplace.

Ros presently works as a counsellor in her own practice. The strategies and language of the Virtues Project are an integral part of who she is and what she brings to her work with individuals, families and couples, and with co-workers.

Her goal is to support clients to have hope and confidence that they can resolve their issues. She helps: individuals to find clarity and solutions to their problems; couples to strengthen their relationship and emotional intimacy; and families to enhance communication with their children and teenagers.

She believes that by acknowledging we have a problem and wanting to find a solution, that we are much closer to resolving it. When we are in a crisis we have the motivation to step out of our old habits that no longer serve us well.

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